Go Matthew Wilkas!

Matthew has a very small part in The New Twenty (he’s in the first steam room scene, in which he leaves, disgusted by “Louie’s” homophobic rant). He’s a terrific actor and a very nice guy, so we’re happy to celebrate his success at Outfest in LA this summer, where he’s appearing in two short films. Greg in Hollywood writes about him.

Matthew Wilkas

Derek Lui comments on Andrew Wei Lin and on The New Twenty

Hi Mr Johnson,

My name is Derek and I am an actor. I saw your movie “the New Twenty” twice, once in Los Angeles, once in Hong Kong and really liked it. I recommended many of my friends to see it. I was especially impressed by Andrew Wei Lin’s performance and felt very excited to see an Asian actor being cast in a non-stereotypical role. I was very sad when I learnt that he passed away earlier last year. Last week, I wrote about your movie and my thoughts on Andrew’s performance at my monthly column published at “Backstage”. And I would really like to share the link with you. My article is located under my name Derek Lui.

I really want to thank you for casting him and his work will always be my inspiration. And thank you for making this movie . I really enjoyed it.

Derek Lui

Viewer Review from Matthew Montgomery

A nice message (Facebook) from a new fan, Matthew, who just watched The New Twenty:

Hi Chris,

You don’t know me. I’m an actor and producer. But I believe we have some mutual friends/acquaintances. I actually found out about you because I met up with Chuck Wilson who reviewed The New Twenty in the LA Weekly a while back. He suggested your film to me and said that I should work with you someday. I had no idea exactly what he meant by that until I saw your film – The New Twenty. It’s friggin’ UNBELIEVABLE. I loved it so much, and was absolutely riveted to the very end. The rawness you captured both visually and through the actual storyline was nothing short of brilliant to watch. You have an amazing eye and impeccable direction. Even the ending of the film was so richly satisfying, which seems to be rather infrequently achieved in films lately. I just really loved it.


Here you go – a list of all the songs in THE NEW TWENTY. Many people have requested this, and I am at long last posting it. Some of the songs, like “Swing Set” and “Fall”, are heard more than once in the movie. Lucy plays “Fall” for Felix in her apt., for example, and then the whole song also follows “Station Approach” over the closing credits. I only list the songs once here, tho, the first time they appear in the movie. If any of you want more info and you have Netflix, you can watch THE NEW TWENTY instantly and see all the song/album/publisher info in the closing credits. Or of course, you could buy the DVD. 😉
…which includes, by the way, a music video by Matt Alber for his “End of the World”

In the meanwhile, HERE IS THE LIST:

song: “Swing Set” – artist: Jamie Block
song: “God Bless Us Anyway” – artist: Collider
song: “One Sweet Fix” – artist: Sanama
song: “Nothin’ To Lose” – artist: Kelley McRae
song: “The Tanbark Is Hot Lava” – artist: dredg
song: “Break Us” – artist: Kelley McRae
song: “Molly Malone” – artist: Jamie Block
song: “Tanatoe” – artist: Sanama
song: “Vampire Movie” – artist: Jamie Barnes
song: “Beautiful” – artist: Mark Geary
song: “The Sound” – artist: El Camino
song: “Fall” – artist: Kelley McRae
song: “Black Alice” – artist: Wes Charlton
song: “I Fell” – artist: Mark Geary
song: “End of the World” – artist: Matt Alber
song: “Radio Religion” – artist: The Old Ceremony
song: “Una Noche” – artist: Sanama
song: “Do You Know the Way” – artist: Jamie Block
song: “Lawd Have Mercy” – artist: El Camino
song: “Lonesome” – artist: El Camino
song: “Poison Pen” – artist: The Old Ceremony
song: “Station Approach” – artist: Elbow

DVD of THE NEW TWENTY hits the street today!

DVD of THE NEW TWENTY is now available and includes some nice extras: a music video by Matt Alber, deleted scenes, and director’s commentary. You can order thru the homepage of this website, or on Amazon and the other usual suspects; or you can rent it thru iTunes, Netflix, or thru cable OnDemand if you have any of these carriers in the U.S. or Canada: Comcast, Time Warner, Cogeco, COX, Echostar, Rogers, Sakstel, Shaw, Telus, TVN. For international fans: it will be coming soon via iTunes to over 10 countries, including China, Korea and Japan!

NYTimes: Gay/Straight Male Friendships Hit the Mainstream

The NYTimes Style Section has a three page spread on the “normalization” of gay/straight male friendships. Looks like THE NEW TWENTY is tapped into the zeitgeist in a big way.

Andrew Wei Lin, rest in peace

Andrew Wei Lin took his own life on Friday, June 12, 2009. It is a shock to all of us who worked with him on this project and became his friend beyond that. He is deeply missed. Andrew was a brilliant, charismatic, intelligent, humorous and hugely talented young man. He was twenty-eight years old. Whatever demons he struggled with cannot hurt him any longer. Rest in peace, dark angel.

Andrew Wei Lin rests between takes...

Andrew Wei Lin rests between takes...