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Derek Lui comments on Andrew Wei Lin and on The New Twenty

Hi Mr Johnson,

My name is Derek and I am an actor. I saw your movie “the New Twenty” twice, once in Los Angeles, once in Hong Kong and really liked it. I recommended many of my friends to see it. I was especially impressed by Andrew Wei Lin’s performance and felt very excited to see an Asian actor being cast in a non-stereotypical role. I was very sad when I learnt that he passed away earlier last year. Last week, I wrote about your movie and my thoughts on Andrew’s performance at my monthly column published at “Backstage”. And I would really like to share the link with you. My article is located under my name Derek Lui.

I really want to thank you for casting him and his work will always be my inspiration. And thank you for making this movie . I really enjoyed it.

Derek Lui

Viewer Review from Matthew Montgomery

A nice message (Facebook) from a new fan, Matthew, who just watched The New Twenty:

Hi Chris,

You don’t know me. I’m an actor and producer. But I believe we have some mutual friends/acquaintances. I actually found out about you because I met up with Chuck Wilson who reviewed The New Twenty in the LA Weekly a while back. He suggested your film to me and said that I should work with you someday. I had no idea exactly what he meant by that until I saw your film – The New Twenty. It’s friggin’ UNBELIEVABLE. I loved it so much, and was absolutely riveted to the very end. The rawness you captured both visually and through the actual storyline was nothing short of brilliant to watch. You have an amazing eye and impeccable direction. Even the ending of the film was so richly satisfying, which seems to be rather infrequently achieved in films lately. I just really loved it.