Andrew Wei Lin, rest in peace

Andrew Wei Lin took his own life on Friday, June 12, 2009. It is a shock to all of us who worked with him on this project and became his friend beyond that. He is deeply missed. Andrew was a brilliant, charismatic, intelligent, humorous and hugely talented young man. He was twenty-eight years old. Whatever demons he struggled with cannot hurt him any longer. Rest in peace, dark angel.

Andrew Wei Lin rests between takes...

Andrew Wei Lin rests between takes...

43 responses to “Andrew Wei Lin, rest in peace

  1. tokyogodfather

    I knew Andrew in college, and though we weren’t close, he was close to someone who was close to me. He was tolerant of that, and never once made me feel unwelcome.
    I looked up to and admired him.

    His death saddens me beyond words, and is one of those that makes you think that world is now with one less light than it had before…

    Rest In Piece, my 義理 Big Brother, rest in piece.

  2. I JUST WATCHED THIS MOVIE!!! I was googling Nicole and Andrew to get their bios and I read how Andrew apparently took his own life! This is so, so , so sad to me!!!! I just became fascinated by his performance, as well as the other actors, and then to discover he passed away just recently is so upsetting. I would love to get anymore feedback on his life and background. My thoughts go out to anyone who was touched by his life.
    Sincerely… A new Andrew fan…. Daniel Y.

    • Thanks for your interest and concern. Andrew does indeed give a great performance in THE NEW TWENTY. He has a moment in closeup after he tells his sister that he’s broken up with Robert, that I think is emblematic of both the movie and who he is as an actor: intense, charismatic, intelligent, deep. It’s a very honest moment and a very honest performance. Hard to believe it’s his first leading role in a film! We can only imagine what other work he might have done.

  3. michel andre jean lemesle

    oh my god, so sad…..
    just look the New twenty yesterday night and wanted to look after him, make me feel deeply touched and sad.

  4. I am so sad to hear that Andrew took he’s own life….. i have just watched the new twenty and was looking to see what else he had been in as i thought he’s performance was superb…….. my thoughts go out to he’s friends and family…….

    • Thanks for your kind words. Andrew did a lot of work on stage, in Los Angeles – he was a big Shakespeare fan – but THE NEW TWENTY is, to my knowledge, his largest and probably his best film role.

  5. Having watched the dvd “The New Twenty” and the next day to read about Andrew Wei Lin’s death is very sad. Adding to what Dan said, it would be nice if someone would write a short obit and include info about the memorial held at the Starlight Theatre. Chris Mason Johnson mentions in the dvd’s commentary that the final scene in his movie is an homage to “Happy Together”. Ironic that one of the leads in that film was Leslie Cheung who also took his own life.

  6. Gosh. i feel so upset and sad about this Andrew Wei Lin news. I just finished watching the DVD and wanted to find out more about this attractive and talented actor and only to to find out he took his own life just a few months ago. I don’t understand! Why??? He reminds me of a Hong Kong TVB actor, Roger Kwok, who is also a very talented actor. They look so much alike.
    Andrew’s family and friends, please accept my sincere condolence for your lost.
    Andrew… where ever you are… rest in peace. And I thank you for leaving us such an endearing image in gay film and gay character.
    Finally, I would like to thank Chris Mason Johnson for the great film. Please keep up the good work.


    • Yes, it was a shocking and sudden thing and a terrible loss for his family and friends. I am not sure why Andrew took his own life. He was a brilliant and loving but very volatile young man – not yet 30. Very sad…
      Thank you for praising my film and Andrew’s performance in it (he gave a wonderfully nuanced and personal performance) and thank you for the encouragement. I do intend to make another film very soon – we are nearing pre-production – and it will also touch on gay themes and characters. It will be a comedy this time, though, called SKIRT. It’s a comedy of gay marriage.

  7. He is a very talented actor, his performance in the new twenty is very attractive, he is very nice, I really feel very sorry …
    Thank you chris mason johnson!!
    I would like to know him? The New Twenty was his only one movie?
    Miss you forever….

  8. Andrew was one of my close friends! He was a force of life and will be missed by all that knew him. Very sad that we didn’t see each other much in the last few months and even sadder that no one took the time to find all his friends and let us know what happened. We found out today.. So to everyone out there if you have a friend and it’s been awhile since you have seen them reach out and make some time. Even in busy LA…

    • I am sorry you found out so late. We who worked on the film didn’t have contact with his friends, and the family was very private about everything. For the first few days, Andrew’s Facebook page became a kind of memorial, and I was hoping it would stay up and allow people to communicate and mourn. I have heard of pages staying up for years after a death, and they become a place to visit. But the family took it down. No doubt they were in shock. It was all very fast.

  9. no problem, just have to create a new page on facebook for him, i loved him so much……………


  10. I met Andrew on set when we were both working as extras on some tv show in 2004. We became friends although for a very short period. He was just starting out in the theater and was excited about his first role. What we found in common was our passion to put Asian actors on the map and break the stereotype in Hollywood. I often wondered what happened to him because I have never been able to pursue my dreams like he did. I just now saw his name on IMDB, his date of death, and wondered if Andrew Wei Lin was the same Andrew Lin. I was saddened to see it was. All I can say is he DID succeed and he DID follow his dreams, and he was on his way to a long and promising career
    -Rio Ahn

  11. Wow! I just saw “The New Twenty” this evening on TV and after the movie eagerly went to IMDB like I always do to check out more information. When I clicked on the link for Andrew I was first looking for DOB and then had to do a double-take when I read “Date of Death”. Geeeeeez!!! I am shocked and saddened. An attractive young fellow, he certainly could have landed any number of character roles. I also have to say that I first looked at Nicole’s page on IMDB and after seeing her quite extensive resume, was expecting the same on Andrew but was shocked that he has passed away. I was excited and it was so neat to see an Asian actor portraying a gay guy in this very nice, contemporary film. But alas…RIP indeed…

  12. I love the film. I cried when Andrew said ” I love You ” At the front door. He was an amazing actor. I found this site searching for his work and did not know of his departure. I am sad . It is everyone’s loss not to be able to see more of this truly talented performer.

  13. I just watched the film a few mins ago!!! and Andrew Wei Lin is the first character I googled and suggestions were his death? I was so shocked that I thought google was suggesting stupidly, I was even more shocked when I saw this. I was so happy at last to see some talented Asians in an American movie that I wanted to know more about him. Any Biography of him apart from his date of departure? RIP. You will be remembered.

  14. Very good film, such a brilliant performance of Andrew Wei Lin. As others I googled his name looking for more information, more films with him to watch. I wish I could hear his deep vibrating voice once again in a new role…

  15. I, like so many else on here, just finished watching the film ‘The New Twenty’

    I, like so many others, looked up Andrew and Nicole on IMDB. And, again, saw his date of death. I am completely shocked, saddened.

    Andrew, I am so thankful of the work you put into this movie. I hope you rest in peace…

  16. Like the many comments before me … after watching THE NEW TWENTY, I wanted to know more about Andrew Wei Lin. He caught my attention in the film … and I was shocked to see date of death in IMDB. I searched (hoping it was a mistake) … and after reading the little bit I could find … I am sad. He was a talented actor and I hope he’s found the peace he needed. It’s nice that a great film is going to show the world Andrew Wei Lin.

  17. Can anyone tell me what college he went to? If it’s the Andrew I knew who went to Cal Poly Pomona and studied abroad in London with me, then OMG!!!
    Either way, RIP Andrew.

  18. I am so saddened by this. His performance was riveting and tears come to my eyes to hear this. I have nothing else to say.

  19. 我最進才看這部電影…..


  20. Like many others, I caught The New Twenty and googled for Andrew immediately, only to read of the tragedy. I hope Andrew will smile knowing that the film traveled the world, and many like myself, in Asia, are touched by his mesmerizing portrayal. Your departure is our loss. Rest in peace.

  21. i just looked at that film yesterday.
    i like his performance very much
    it’s so sad that he took his own life …

    i want to look at more of his photoes …

    where can i find them?

    • There are photos of him on The New Twenty website in most of the various pages… Other than that – IMDB for Chris Mason Johnson and The New Twenty. I’m sure there are other photos out there of his theater work in LA – but I don’t know where those would be.

  22. Len Willschick

    Re: Andrew Wei Lin

    Like so many above I’ve just seen this movie and am so disturbed by this news. When I went to IMBD to learn more about the film and actors I saw the death notice but figured it had to be an error. How could this be? Alas it was so.

  23. What a screen presence. Rest in peace.

  24. I just saw thenewtwenty and was quite impressed with all the perfomances, especially Andrew’s. I google him and find out that he’s killed himself. What a kick in the gut! I’d like to say that I don’t understand, but I’d be lying. Damn!

  25. RIP Andrew-you will be missed.
    I agree with all above comments and was saddened when I read of this over a year ago.

  26. I just finished watching The New Twenty, probably the tenth time I’ve seen it. It’s just one of those good movies that I get something new out of every time I see it. Tonight I decided to see what else Chris Mason Johnson has done and this is how I came to learn the news of Andrew’s death in 2009. My heart started racing when I read about it. Andrew’s character is the one I most related to and I think he did an amazing job of playing the role; I was hoping to see him in other films, but this is not to be for reasons we will never know. Thanks Chris for casting him in this role, I feel privileged to have seen his finest work. Rest in peace.

    • Andrew’s performance is deep and haunting. His death sudden and insane. Thanks for appreciating his work in my film.

    • I agree with Kirk V. I’ve watched The New Twenty many many times and you do get something new out of it every time. And every time I watch the film, I’m again saddened about Andrew Wei Lin. His performance was wonderful.

  27. I am also one of the people who just finished watching The New Twenty. I felt so sad when I found this out. Rest in peace, Andrew.

  28. I just saw the movie yesterday and I, too, was shocked to hear the news. It does make me a little bit happy to see that even two years after the fact, there are still people who remember Andrew thanks to the movie and his beautiful, subtle and haunting performance in it.

    As someone who is struggling herself, I can and can’t understand this. But I wish so much he hadn’t.

    To Chris, it was a wonderful directorial debut that you gave us and I hope to see more from you in the future, both as a director and a scriptwriter.

  29. Freddy Saliba

    I’m in shock and deeply saddened, I just heard about the passing of my old friend Andrew….we waited tables together, and had some good times. The last time I saw him was at the premiere of his film, The New Twenty. He bought me a beer, introduced me to his agent, and was so happy. I was happy for him as well, and was certain he would have had a great career. I wondered what happened a month later when his Facebook account was closed, thought he just needed a break from social networking, little did I know…I know you’re in a better place, and free from your demons. I will always remember our conversations about film and acting, I miss you.

  30. Great movie, great actors …And then, for sure all my sympathy to all, i feel sad suddenly …RIP

  31. Like so many people above, I watched your beautiful film last night (on Netflix) and looked in IMDB this morning to find out what other films I could see Andrew Lin in. I’m shocked and saddened by the death of this talented young man. I know exactly the close-up you refer to above (when he tells his sister about his breakup with Robert): his expression is at first passive, and then there’s a slight flare that I thought was amazing acting. His death must be a terrible cloud over this great project for all of you who were involved in it. I’m very sorry for you and for others who knew him.

  32. Just stumbled on this movie on Amazon Prime. Loved it! Surpised it didn’t more hype when released. I went to look up the cast and learned of Andrew’s death. How sad. Good actor and very nice looking.

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