DVD of THE NEW TWENTY hits the street today!

DVD of THE NEW TWENTY is now available and includes some nice extras: a music video by Matt Alber, deleted scenes, and director’s commentary. You can order thru the homepage of this website, or on Amazon and the other usual suspects; or you can rent it thru iTunes, Netflix, or thru cable OnDemand if you have any of these carriers in the U.S. or Canada: Comcast, Time Warner, Cogeco, COX, Echostar, Rogers, Sakstel, Shaw, Telus, TVN. For international fans: it will be coming soon via iTunes to over 10 countries, including China, Korea and Japan!

2 responses to “DVD of THE NEW TWENTY hits the street today!

  1. I love the music in this movie, and I’ve been trying to track down a soundtrack but have not found one. Any chance of one being released, or perhaps a list of music used? Thanks:)

    • I will post a list of songs/artists very very shortly! On this blog. I have gotten a lot of requests for this. No soundtrack forthcoming, unfortunately, because this was a low budget independent feature. I did the music selection for the film under the pseudonym “Adam Raponi” – and you should be able to find all the songs on MySpace or iTunes once I get that list up for you.

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