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Here you go – a list of all the songs in THE NEW TWENTY. Many people have requested this, and I am at long last posting it. Some of the songs, like “Swing Set” and “Fall”, are heard more than once in the movie. Lucy plays “Fall” for Felix in her apt., for example, and then the whole song also follows “Station Approach” over the closing credits. I only list the songs once here, tho, the first time they appear in the movie. If any of you want more info and you have Netflix, you can watch THE NEW TWENTY instantly and see all the song/album/publisher info in the closing credits. Or of course, you could buy the DVD. 😉
…which includes, by the way, a music video by Matt Alber for his “End of the World”

In the meanwhile, HERE IS THE LIST:

song: “Swing Set” – artist: Jamie Block
song: “God Bless Us Anyway” – artist: Collider
song: “One Sweet Fix” – artist: Sanama
song: “Nothin’ To Lose” – artist: Kelley McRae
song: “The Tanbark Is Hot Lava” – artist: dredg
song: “Break Us” – artist: Kelley McRae
song: “Molly Malone” – artist: Jamie Block
song: “Tanatoe” – artist: Sanama
song: “Vampire Movie” – artist: Jamie Barnes
song: “Beautiful” – artist: Mark Geary
song: “The Sound” – artist: El Camino
song: “Fall” – artist: Kelley McRae
song: “Black Alice” – artist: Wes Charlton
song: “I Fell” – artist: Mark Geary
song: “End of the World” – artist: Matt Alber
song: “Radio Religion” – artist: The Old Ceremony
song: “Una Noche” – artist: Sanama
song: “Do You Know the Way” – artist: Jamie Block
song: “Lawd Have Mercy” – artist: El Camino
song: “Lonesome” – artist: El Camino
song: “Poison Pen” – artist: The Old Ceremony
song: “Station Approach” – artist: Elbow