THE NEW TWENTY, writer-director Chris Mason Johnson’s award-winning first feature, charts the lives of five New Yorkers, a mix of gay and straight best friends about to turn thirty, whose tight relationship is threatened when an older, charismatic man joins their ranks. With emotionally vivid performances and nuanced characters, THE NEW TWENTY paints the portrait of a generation living the highs and lows of a Wall Street world destined to disappear overnight. THE NEW TWENTY is available now on DVD (top left tab on this homepage); , on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and also for a limited time thru cable OnDemand if you have any of these carriers in the U.S. or Canada: Comcast, Time Warner, Cogeco, COX, Echostar, Rogers, Sakstel, Shaw, Telus, TVN. Check back for information on Chris Mason Johnson’s next film, SKIRT, a comedy of gay marriage.

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  1. C’mon. No soundtrack? How cruel is that. I loved this movie. And, I loved the music. Could anyone point me to at least a listing of the names of the tracks and artists?

    • Nice to hear you loved the movie! I’ve gotten a few requests for song info – I will post the track names and artists on this blog very shortly so all can see. I did the music selection myself, using mostly artists on sonaBLAST! records, but a few others as well, including one very well-known group, Elbow, whose song Station Approach is over the closing credits. Pls recommend the movie to your friends – it’s avail on netflix, itunes, ondemand (cable), and the usual suspects on dvd.

  2. No problem. I’ve recommended The New Twenty to lot’s of people… Given it my stamp of approval so to speak. And, a number of those have recommended it as well. But, of these friends, many have voiced a similar disappointment about no soundtrack. So, I’ll be looking forward to your posting of them. All the best.

  3. Loved the movie. Loved the music even more. Moved me deeply as only the Dark Side of the Moon has done. There needs to be a soundtrack CD.

    • Thanks for your message and for loving my film. There’s no plans for a soundtrack CD, but here’s a list of the songs/artists in the film, if you want to find their music on Facebook or iTunes:

      “Swing Set” – artist: Jamie Block
      “God Bless Us Anyway” – artist: Collider
      “One Sweet Fix” – artist: Sanama
      “Nothin’ To Lose” – artist: Kelley McRae
      “The Tanbark Is Hot Lava” – artist: dredg
      “Break Us” – artist: Kelley McRae
      “Molly Malone” – artist: Jamie Block
      “Tanatoe” – artist: Sanama
      “Vampire Movie” – artist: Jamie Barnes
      “Beautiful” – artist: Mark Geary
      “The Sound” – artist: El Camino
      “Fall” – artist: Kelley McRae
      “Black Alice” – artist: Wes Charlton
      “I Fell” – artist: Mark Geary
      “End of the World” – artist: Matt Alber
      “Radio Religion” – artist: The Old Ceremony
      “Una Noche” – artist: Sanama
      “Do You Know the Way” – artist: Jamie Block
      “Lawd Have Mercy” – artist: El Camino
      “Lonesome” – artist: El Camino
      “Poison Pen” – artist: The Old Ceremony
      “Station Approach” – artist: Elbow

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