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Derek Lui comments on Andrew Wei Lin and on The New Twenty

Hi Mr Johnson,

My name is Derek and I am an actor. I saw your movie “the New Twenty” twice, once in Los Angeles, once in Hong Kong and really liked it. I recommended many of my friends to see it. I was especially impressed by Andrew Wei Lin’s performance and felt very excited to see an Asian actor being cast in a non-stereotypical role. I was very sad when I learnt that he passed away earlier last year. Last week, I wrote about your movie and my thoughts on Andrew’s performance at my monthly column published at “Backstage”. And I would really like to share the link with you. My article is located under my name Derek Lui.

I really want to thank you for casting him and his work will always be my inspiration. And thank you for making this movie . I really enjoyed it.

Derek Lui

Andrew Wei Lin, rest in peace

Andrew Wei Lin took his own life on Friday, June 12, 2009. It is a shock to all of us who worked with him on this project and became his friend beyond that. He is deeply missed. Andrew was a brilliant, charismatic, intelligent, humorous and hugely talented young man. He was twenty-eight years old. Whatever demons he struggled with cannot hurt him any longer. Rest in peace, dark angel.

Andrew Wei Lin rests between takes...

Andrew Wei Lin rests between takes...