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Performances “on the money” says LA TIMES’ Kevin Thomas

Below is Kevin Thomas’ LA Times complete capsule review of the film


Thirty is “The New Twenty” in Chris Mason Johnson’s engaging film that centers on a group of college friends who remain close as they make their way in Manhattan.

Nicole Bilderback’s Julie and Ryan Locke’s Andrew have just announced their engagement. Julie, the most successful of the group, presents a challenge to the ambitious and aggressive Andrew, who gets the crass, burly Louie (Terry Serpico) to back him in an undefined business venture.

Key in the couple’s circle are Tony (Andrew Wei Lin), Julie’s gay brother; Colin Fickes’ Ben, a hefty gay man having trouble finding a lover and a career, and Thomas Sadoski’s very bright Felix, who copes with what he calls “a touch of existential malaise courtesy of late capitalism” with escalating substance abuse.

The ensemble performances are on the money, and the members of this multiethnic, sexually diverse group are credibly comfortable with each other. Of course, homophobia still can surface, and Johnson deftly suggests that as these young people attempt to cope with the stresses of modern life they may outgrow the close ties of their college years.

Johnson provides them with plenty of challenges and reasons to question their values, priorities and goals.

— Kevin Thomas “The New Twenty.” MPAA rating: Unrated. Running time: 1 hour, 32 minutes. Laemmle’s Sunset 5, 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, (323) 848-3500.

“An impressive feature debut” with “fine acting” says Review

“In addition to fine acting, The New Twenty benefits from David Tumblety’s excellent cinematography. He uses color to expressive advantage and turns routine skyline footage (not another shot of a rooftop water tower!) into a vibrant cityscape. Ballads and incidental music add another pleasant layer without taking attention away from the characters. Johnson and co-writer Ishmael Chawla (his fellow Amherst College grad, as is producer Aina Abiodun) shine in a concise barroom scene during which Ben drunkenly holds forth on the nature of human suffering to an older gentleman (Larry Pine in a superb cameo), who sympathizes before gallantly asking, “Now, would you like a blow job from an old cowboy?”




Another Great Review for THE NEW TWENTY

“Johnson does an admirable job of developing his characters and having them grow over the course of the film. As they talk about selling out or slacking off, being self-absorbed or self-loathing, they come across as real people, not caricatures.”

NY Examiner calls THE NEW TWENTY “relevant and brave”

Bill Sage and Andrew Wei Lin

Bill Sage and Andrew Wei Lin

The New Twenty actress Karen Olivo on Letterman with West Side Story Cast

AND AWAY WE GO! Aina checks out the Quad where we’re playing

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Best Production Job Ever, according to Aidan

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Aidan and Pavel talk firearms – illegal ones

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Crew Chats in NYC discussing the movie title…

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